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    the opening



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    the opening

    Post by Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:52 am

    Hi players and non-athlete! Let's play table tennis!

    Know that also table tennis is a mind game with also the used of your body! This fun sport activity can help you to:

    1st: COMMUNICATE- a fun activity sport can help you to enjoy with your friends! Also you can't play great table tennis without a partner,so you can play and enjoy it with friends.

    2nd:BUILD EMOTIONS- this is a enjoying game so it builds happy emotions and emotions can affect your life.

    3rd: BUILD MUSCLE- it can build muscle like biceps,triceps,abdomen, legs and thighs. It can also burn fats just playing 1 hour you can burn 186 cal. With this sport you can be fit

    Last: BUILD DISCIPLINE: table tennis is a game where your discipline is needed to be accurate. Playing this sport must follow what everything the coach said to you.

    So can you please play table tennis? You can be like Ma Long (ittf champ) Timo Boll(ittf world champ) Zhang Jike (ITTF pro dchs Champ)

    We will teach you how to be a great player and how to play this game.

    Thats all for now enjoy the forum.

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